Residence Inn Has a New Elevated Dining Program and it’s Awesome

Over the past year, I’ve been working on expanding my brand to cover travel and food – two of the most fun experiences for mankind. In order to do so, I’ve started working with hotels that offer great food. It’s a win-win. My latest collaboration was with Residence Inn, who happened to recently elevate their wining and dining program with a Food Truck event called Residence Inn Mix, and I’m very impressed.

While the NYC Residence Inn locations don’t have the RI Mix programs, I was lucky enough to get a taste with a once in a lifetime event. I celebrated with Residence Inn at their Mixed Refreshed Food Truck battle event here in New York, where they had great food from all over the world and 2 food trucks battling it out to be tasted and judged. I was one of the judges, so my job was particularly fun as I tasted schnitzel and fish and chips in front of everyone.


Aside from the German and British food trucks, there was also a pretzel stand.


There was also an international candy bar. Yes, candy from all over the world.


I grew up playing squash and one year I went to Edinburgh and a small town in England to play in the Scottish and British Opens. That year, I became obsessed with foreign candy and I started to collect all of the cool candies from other countries. So, needless to say, this candy bar at the Residence Inn’s event made me quite nostalgic and extremely happy.


The timing of this event was also perfect because I just spent 7 days in the U.K. eating food in Yorkshire, Edinburgh and London. The food at this event was on par with all the great food I tried while I was away. During my trip, I bounced around from restaurant to restaurant to taste some of the U.K.’s best food. I was very impressed with the food at the Residence Inn event as it was of such great quality and tasted very authentic. Not some wanna be fish and chips! The real thing. And yes….that candy…so good….

What’s really cool about the Residence Inn’s new RI Mix program is that each cuisine stays authentic to it’s roots and it gives people a chance to mingle, network, eat and drink, all in the comfort of their hotel. It makes traveling that much more fun to stay somewhere that keeps the cuisine authentic and delicious. Can’t wait for my next trip!