Safari at Singita Boulders

I never really paired the words "luxury" and "safari" together until I had the once in a lifetime experience to stay at the Singita lodges at Kruger Park in South Africa. The point of a safari is to become one with nature and really witness the beauty of animals in their natural habitat, so of course I felt like a cop out by staying in a luxury lodge. Now, I know that if I ever safari again (which I hope to God I do) I will not be doing it any other way. I stayed at two of the Singita lodges during my time in South Africa. One of them was the Singita Boulders lodge along the Sands River and the other was Singita Lebombo, a hillside lodge on the Nwanedzi river. They were both so drastically different, that I thought they each deserved their own blog post.

The Lodge

Singita Boulders

The Food

While on safari, you mainly eat at the lodge. You also get mid-day breaks or "sundowners" where you enjoy snacks and drinks in the middle of the African bush. At the lodge, they offer a variety of snacks before you embark on your morning and afternoon drives. The lodge has a restaurant and also hosts a traditional family style African Burma dinner one night a week.

Singita Boulders
Singita Boulders

The animals

Singita Boulders is mostly known for their beautiful leopards. We were lucky enough to get super close to the leopards and we also saw one of South Africa's most rare animals, the African Wild Dog. Such a breathtaking sighting and a wonderful experience.