Eons Greek

Remember when fast casual food was considered unhealthy and full of poor quality ingredients? I feel like we've made extreme strides since the heydays of McDonalds and Chipotle. Don't get me wrong, I love McDonald's and Chipotle (to some, they are probably still in their "heyday"), but I'm not going to eat from those chains during the week. As a matter of fact, I rarely eat at McDonald's and Chipotle because I get nervous about the quality of ingredients and I don't want to regularly put questionable food into my body.

Anyway, I digress. McDonald's and Chipotle are not the point of this article. The point of my writing this is that I found a great fast casual restaurant that serves Greek meals with high quality ingredients, wild seafood (with the exception of their organic, farmed salmon), and anti-biotic, hormone-free meats. This place is called Eons, and it's truly magical. 

There are three locations to this fast casual Greek food restaurant: one in Murray Hill NYC, Paramus NJ (501 Rt. 17 South), and Fresh Meadows, New York (61-42 188th St.) If you work or live nearby one of them, I highly recommend you go. 

Why? As if high quality ingredients and fresh seafood and meat isn't enough....their menu is full of a diverse selection of bases and toppings that give you the opportunity to make yourself a new, delicious lunch bowl every time. Unless you go, like every day for a few months, but still...that's a lot of options. 

Here's what I went for during my lunch break:


  • Base: salad
  • Protein: wild shrimp
  • Sides: farro salad (AKA Eons salad) and Greek salad
  • Spread: Tzatziki 
  • Dressing: olive oil & lemon


  • Base: brown rice
  • Protein: organic salmon
  • Sides: lentil salad and zucchini
  • Spread: hummus
  • Dressing: lemon olive oil 


  • Base: salad
  • Protein: wild octopus
  • Sides: chickpea salad and beet salad
  • Spread: garlic spread
  • Dressing: lemon olive oil (can you tell I love lemon and olive oil?)


  • Base: white rice
  • Protein: domestic grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free lamb
  • Sides: potatoes and gigante beans 
  • Spread: garlic spread
  • Dressing: spicy tomato


  • Base: pita bowl 
  • Protein: hormone and antibiotic free chicken and grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free steak
  • Sides: mixed green salad and Greek salad
  • Spread: feta cheese
  • Dressing: spicy feta (this stuff is amazing!)

I've never seen fast casual like this before and will definitely be going back.