11 Cinco de Mayo Restaurants for Every Occasion

Ah, yes. Cinco de Mayo… Cinco de Drinko…. Cinco de Tequila-all-over-your-face-o… The one day a year where people gather together to promote the beautiful acts of tequila guzzling and taco eating. This year, Cinco de Mayo is on a Thursday –pretty bittersweet for those who want to spend the holiday getting absolutely loco. Either way, I’ve put together a list of places to fit everyone’s Cinco de Mayo vibes…from work lunches to taking tequila showers while listening to 90’s hits.

Dinner with a big group (East Village)

Rosie’s is a Mexican spot in the east village with an open atmosphere and great vibes. It’s great for larger parties and they have great lunch and brunch menus.


Dinner with a big group (West Village)

Agave never fails with their extensive margarita collection and classic Mexican fare. I always end up double fisting because I can never decide which marg I want. Not sure if I recommend this technique, but I definitely can say it leads to a fun time 100% of the time.

If you want to eat so many tacos that you turn into a taco

Tacombi is my go-to spot for tacos. Each location has such a fun atmosphere and in addition to delicious tacos, the cheesy corn and open-faced quesadillas are spectacular.

Happy hour with the ladies

The Black Ant is a cute, intimate Mexican eatery in the east village. From 4pm- 7pm daily, bar snacks are $8. This place is great if you’re just trying to grab a drink and a few snacks.

Post-work dinner & drinks

Toloache is a classic Mexican restaurant that's perfect for drinks and dinner with work friends. They have 3 locations (one in Soho, one midtown and another on the upper east side) so there's a spot for everyone.

To satisfy your Cinco de Sweet tooth

Hit up El Vez's Burrito Bar for their delicious horchata ice cream with churro stars and cajeta caramel sauce.


If you're trying to get Cinco de TURNT

Head over to Tortilla Flats Thursday evening for some chips and guac, margarita pitchers and a few tequila shots. JK lots of tequila shots. And some 90's hits. Dance on a table. Do the limbo. One time I hula-hooped with a lime in my mouth. You really can do it all.

For a quick lunch taco

Los Tacos No. 1 is a great grab & go taco shop in Chelsea Market. Great for those who want a quick, festive work lunch or post-work snack.

If you want to be trendy AF

At first glance, La Esquina looks like a little taco shop and restaurant on Kenmare street in Soho. However, if you play your cards right, ask the doorman at the taco shop to go downstairs and enjoy some drinks at La Esquina Brasserie. If you're lucky, you can get a dinner reservation, but I would recommend just going for some late night drinks.

If you want to try something new

If you want creative tequila cocktails and an eclectic menu with options such as tuna tartar cones, duck fat fries and extremely tender octopus, The Daisy is the spot for you. Located on the upper east side, The Daisy is a “tequila gastropub” with a beautiful open space, great vibes and a menu of dishes that will keep you on your toes.

If you wanna get real fancy

If, for some reason, you want to spend Cinco de Mayo fine dining at one of New York’s best restaurants, Cosme is for you. Located in Flatiron, Cosme is an upscale Mexican restaurant with duck carnitas to die for and an absolutely delicious corn meringue dessert.