The Little Beet Table


There are some nights where I want to be social and meet friends for dinner, but I also want to be healthy without being completely lame and taking them to get salads at Chop't or Sweetgreen. That's where The Little Beet Table came in and saved my life. This is my go-to spot for that weeknight dinner where I need to chill out from putting extremely greasy, caloric foods into my body, and instead focus on fresh ingredients and nutrients without eating straight kale or dressing-less salads. The chef at The Little Beet Table gets really creative with the menu and makes nutritional foods into delectable masterpieces. 

The Little Beet Table

333 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010

Cauliflower hummus

The Little Beet Table Cauliflower Hummus

...with popcorn, seeds, red onion, dill, grilled bread and vegetable crudites. The dill gives this dish a nice pop and all the textures combine so nicely. Honestly, when I read "cauliflower hummus" I was not sold (lol of course... too healthy sounding) but WOW this is a new favorite. Such a great starter for yourself or dinner with friends. If you go alone, you could honestly eat this as an entrée if you're trying to just grab a quick bite.

Arctic char crudo

The Little Beet Table Crudo

Fresh, light and flavorful.

Crispy Pearl Rice

The Little Beet Table Crispy Rice

This is a MUST. But definitely share. I got a little too carried away with this as a starter. It's much more of an entrée. My favorite thing on the menu.

Roasted shrimp salad

The Little Beet Table Shrimp Salad

The salads here are always reliable. You can't really go wrong.

Chipotle Pork Carnitas Tacos

The Little Beet Table Carnitas Tacos

Now we're getting a little more on the indulgent side...but that's why this place is awesome. It's got everything.

Happy Valley Grass-fed double burger

The Little Beet Table Double Burger

I mean, I had to try the burger, too....