8 Downtown Bars for Any Mood

We're always looking for bars to not only fit our mood, but also the moods of the people we're with. In my opinion, there's a huge difference between the bar I go to with best friends, from my favorite college bar with dollar shots, or the bar where I bring my parents. And then there's the best bar options for different date scenarios. Dollar shots on a first date is probably not the move (or is it...). So I have combed the downtown streets, sat at every bar, drank every drink and am bringing you 8 answers to the age-long question "what bar should we go to?"

For a lowkey date:

Sel Rrose (SoHo)

Sel Rrose has a low key vibe to it, cozy corner booths for date night, an extensive cocktail menu with all original combinations, and $1 fresh oysters. Aphrodisiacs, corner booths and alcohol always make for a successful date.


For a boozy Mexican dinner with friends or after work drinks:

Añejo (TriBeCa)

Añejo is an energetic spot with bangin' Mexican food and a long list of tequila based drinks. If you're looking to get a little tequila weird tonight, Añejo is your spot.

DSC_6577 2.jpg

For the bougie drinkers who Snapchat their bottle service 

Beauty & Essex (LES)

At first glance, it looks like a pawn shop for repurposed jewelry. But dig a little deeper and you'll find crystal chandelier, dim lighting and glamorous leather sofas throughout. Not to mention a long cocktail menu including their signature gimlets.


For drinks with your girls

Miss Paradis (Nolita)

The vibe here is California girl. I'd start my GNO here with some rosé or a chic cocktail and then move on to the harder stuff elsewhere.


For an easy drink after work

Clancey (LES)

At first glance this bar is pretty unassuming, but their cocktail list is anything but. They can whip up any drink your heart desires and their downstairs turns up after hours.


For upscale drinks with bar snacks

Stanton Social (LES) 

A little more on the boujee side, this bar has two floors, a long and extensive drink menu and some seriously buttery beef sliders.


A bar your parents can get down with 

Lelabar (Greenwich Village)

This is a great place to bring your parents because they'll love the wine list and charcuterie (at least mine did...). The vibes are pretty intimate and dim lighted, so not a bad quick date spot for just wine and apps. It is a really small space, with just one oval shaped bar in the center of the room so I don't recommend bringing a large crew.


For something a little different 

BoCaphe (SoHo)

If you want to mix things up but still keep it casual, BoCaphe is a cool spot to try. The food is half French, half Vietnamese and the drink options are pretty unique. And by unique I'm talking charcoal infused cocktails...