EDEN Local


508 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036

Weekday breakfast spots in NYC are hard to find. Weekday breakfast spots in Hell's Kitchen are even harder to find. Enter EDEN Local: farm to table fresh eats all the way on the west side of the island. EDEN Local has more than just breakfast -- they've got lunch and dinner menus with options for almost anyone. It's that well-rounded restaurant you can take your family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, you name it, out to eat with options ranging from healthy to cheeseburger.


I wanted to swing by EDEN Local for breakfast, since I love finding great breakfast spots in the city where I can post up and do some work. This place is great for that. If you're feeling healthy during the week: avocado toast on multigrain bread.


If it's Friday, and you want a little taste of indulgence: matcha pancakes.

 Sue me, I like syrup.

Sue me, I like syrup.

Shakshuka for any and every day.


Then, we have fresh-squeezed green juice to help you feel like a glistening goddess full of nutrients after you accidentally drink all the maple syrup.