5 Bryant Park, 1065 6th Ave, New York, NY 10018

Are you the kind of person that gets anxiety when you have to pick the place for a business meeting? You Google cool places but you're worried they will actually be the size of a closet, have no seats and only serve black coffee in Styrofoam cups? Or am I the only one...

Well, if you have this dilemma on a daily basis and you need a good centrally located midtown spot to meet your business breakfast/lunch/coffee/drinks meeting needs, L'ADRESSE is the place. It's got a sophisticated, yet chill vibe and it's a spacious room with tons of seats and natural light. Not only do they have coffee, but they've got foamy cappuccinos, matcha lattes, wine....and mimosas 7 days a week during breakfast. So literally whatever vibe you're going for, it's there. 



Eggs Benedict 

Aesthetically pleasing, and palate pleasing. 


Matcha French Toast 

Finally, a French toast that isn't stacked 6000 feet high and smothered in whipped cream. It's appropriate to order French toast on your business meeting, here.


Green Smoothie Bowl

There really is something for everyone. Bring your hipster friends, your vegan pals, your Grandma eating a high fiber diet...



Beet quinoa salad

Pro tip: if you're on a date, don't order the salad that's prettier than them.


Cauliflower soup

The most delicious, healthy and beautiful comfort food there is.


Truffle burger

Because no restaurant is really a restaurant unless they serve something covered in truffles shavings.