15 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003

We have been on the hunt for healthy and delicious places to go out with friends, bae or both. Usually, it seems that dining out is synonymous with “cheating” on your diet. Villanelle changes the game by serving up clean, healthy, and tasty dishes without expanding your ass.

This newly-opened modern restaurant brings the farmers market to Manhattan. In the heart of Union Square, Villanelle offers strictly farm-to-table delicacies with tons of gluten free options (including warm dinner rolls!)

And what would a dinner out be without drinks at the bar:


Preserved Atlantic tuna with allium, poblano and pane siciliano on crusty bread:


Macerated Brussels sprouts mixed with cheddar, cashews and rye:


Risotto with mushrooms and bacon (gfree!):

And my personal favorite their crispy octopus paired with cauliflower, green curry and mint: