Supermoon Bakehouse


Supermoon Bakehouse

120 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002

This retro new bakeshop is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. For starters, your treats are packaged in a metallic silver rainbow drawer. I honestly have no further explanation than that.

Aside from the fact that everyone working here has cool accents that made me feel like a mere peasant in comparison, their cruffins and cronuts are also made up of flavor hybrids out of this world.

Their flavor palette takes the average croissant and combines it with all things tumeric, matcha, lychee and more. Much more. And their motto is: “stay wild, moon child.” I’m telling you…these people could not get any cooler.

And the stuffed “Ti-Rum-Isu” coffee cruffin and apple pie donut made me want to dance on tables and scream from a rooftop. So I did just that! (Just kidding… or am I…)

Some of our favorites: 

Banana split sundae twice baked croissant with carmelized sous vide whole bananas, banana caramel sauce, creme patissiere, chocolate almond creme, topped with chocolate fudge, banana caramel, dehydrated banana, gold leaf and torched meringue. Just typing that out makes me feel like I need to go to the gym right now.


“Ti-Rum-Isu” Expresso creme patisserie filled cruffen topped with a white chocolate créme fraiche, expresso rum sugar syrup pipette, expresso jelly, dark chocolate, white chocolate & expresso chocolate shards.


Apple pie donut: dual core spiced brioche donut filled with chunky apple caramel pie filling and cinnamon creme patissiere, topped with pie crust crumble.


"Golden Boy Donut"  made in a golden turmeric brioche, filled with milk chocolate salted caramel, rolled in sugar and topped with a milk and white chocolate shard.