Crave Fishbar


Crave Fishbar

945 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10022

Crave Fishbar, with their two locations in Midtown and Upper West Side, is a spot that's pretty much acceptable for any occasion (unless it's announcing that you're allergic to shellfish). Whether it's a first date, meeting the future in laws, or just trying to apologize for blacking out and wetting the bed last night...Crave Fishbar is the perfect spot for any occasion! 

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Start dinner off with cocktails from the bar and their two-tier seafood platter. "The Shark Platter" is stacked with East & West coast oysters, littleneck clams, shrimp cocktail, and Jonah crab claws.

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You know when you wake up at 6:00am in a deep sweat, heavy breathing, and craving grilled octopus with charred sweet potatoes in a sherry vinaigrette glaze? No? neither... 


This dish is another colorful beauty: Rustic Mexican street corn meets sophisticated seared yellowfin tuna:


And as Patrick Henry's famous speech goes: give me noodles or give me death! Their handmade squid ink spaghetti on a bed of chopped shrimp, spring garlic, and Fresno chilis satisfies that little carb craving. 

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