Merchant River House


Merchant River House

375 South End Avenue, Hudson River Esplanade, New York, NY 10280

You know that dream we all have? The one where you’re sitting in a pink fluffy chair getting a foot massage while John Stamos feeds you lobster Mac N’ Cheese out of a waffle cone. No? Just me?

Well going to Merchant River House made almost all my dreams come true (@johnstamos stop ignoring my DMs). This restaurant has it ALL. And by all I mean stuffed waffle cone Mac n' cheese with the choice of: fried chicken, lobster, bacon and classic parmesan. Oh, and, a killer water front view.


Like the old saying goes: you come for the waffle Mac n’ cheese cones but you stay for the the spinach dip. The crispy pita shards we’re actually the star of this dish. Flaky, buttery, crispy, salty…I can go on all day…


Lastly, only the best tuna steak I’ve ever had. And I’ve had A LOT of tuna steak. The fish was so fresh and the flavor of the noodles served as a really nice compliment to the dish. I definitely recommend ordering this!


So next time you're in Battery Park, head to Merchant River House and enjoy!