To put it in a nutshell, Rosie's has all the essentials: it's got a great open atmosphere, a creative, yet classic Mexican menu, and churros that made me collapse.

Now, I don't go on dates much, but I will tell you that this place screams "great date spot!!!" It's not too casual or upscale, there are cute tapas to share, there are seats at a centrally located island bar for those who don't want to commit to a table, and there are tequila drinks that will make you take your clothes off (if the date goes well). It's also just a great place for happy hour or a nice relaxed lunch, but since people are always asking me for good date spots, I thought I would throw that out there.

Rosie's atmosphere was the first thing that caught my eye. It's open, fun, trendy and inviting. Then, I took a look at the menu, which consists of a slew of Mexican dishes with tons of flavors -- some I had never heard of. Needless to say, my interested was piqued, and that's how I ended up taking myself on an eating adventure at Rosie's. 

Of course we started with chips and guac, but here's the rest of the roundup.

Chicharron de Queso

Cheese crisps & peanut pumpkin seed salsa

A tasty vegetarian-friendly take on the usual pork-skin chicharrones. Instead of pork-skin, these are thin cheese crisp crackers *swoon* with a richly flavored peanut pumpkin seed chili oil salsa. There is so much flavor packed into this that I would recommend ordering it as a starter with a large group. A few orgasmic bites are all you need.


fresh corn, charred poblano chiles, panela cheese


Cheesy corn pudding. Nothing else to really say....except get it before the weather gets too cold.

Tacos Pescado

Beer-battered cod, cabbage jalapeƱo slaw, chipotle-lime mayonesa


Tacos Hongos 

Mushroom, poblano rajas, pasilla chile 

Enchiladas de Mole Poblano

Mole, chicken, lettuce, queso fresco

According to the menu, this mole is "chocolatey" and "aromatic." I definitely agree. The mole has a very strong flavor, but when mixed with the lettuce and queso fresco, it begins to balance.


Stuffed masa cakes

So, this is a corn masa cake, which I think is a seasonal item. It was stuffed with corn and topped with radish, crema and queso cotija. The menu now has a fava bean masa cake, which I'm assuming is pretty similar except with an addition of lava beans, hoja santa and nopales. 


with a stone-ground oaxacan chocolate dipping sauce


These are ACTUALLY the best churros I've ever had. They have such a gooey texture and the sauce has an almond flare. I ate 4 of them....leaving my sad friend just one. Oops. 



When I go back, I want to try all of the ice cream flavors (peanut, chili chocolate, banana, Mexican cinnamon and mango...YEAH). If I had room I would have tried these on my most recent adventure, but the churros got the best of me. I also need to try the queso fundido, which is melted cheese with charred poblano chiles, green chorizo and fresh tortillas. 

Until next time, Rosie's. ;)