Mad Men Lunch at Gotham Bar & Grill

Have you ever watched Mad Men and wondered why you're just not as cool/sauve/chic/mysterious as every character in it? There's something so riveting about NYC in the 60's and 70's that makes me question my life as a 21st century girl living in a world where relationships are sparked by Tinder, and Tinder dates are sparked by vodka sodas and cheap wine. I bet drinking martinis with Don Draper isn't as cool or fun as it looks but it still seems a hell of a lot cooler than what I find myself doing on weekends at the Village Tavern. 

Mad Men is almost over but Gotham Bar & Grill is making it possible to live in an alternative Mad Men universe until the show ends in May. The iconic New York restaurant is offering a Mad Men lunch menu that almost seems too good to be true (but isn't): $45 can get you two martinis, an appetizer, entrée and baked Alaska dessert. Yes, two martinis. At lunch. Woohoo! This is your opportunity to feel cooler than you are, get a little buzz and eat off-the-charts food at a restaurant you would normally beg your parents to take you to. 

I tried everything except for 2 dishes, which I unfortunately do not have photos of. But I must note that 1) this meal did make me feel cool and 2) the food was delicious and all 3 courses were portioned very well. You will not leave lunch feeling like you will keel over and die from being too full. Here's a breakdown of the menu.


Martini. Classic martini.


Waldorf Salad

green apple, michigan cherries, toasted walnuts, lemon yogurt dressing


new potatoes, baby leeks, ramps and chanterelle mushrooms

Gotham Caesar

romaine, escarole, red chicory, white anchovy, parmesan, garlic croutons


Poached Atlantic Salmon

pencil asparagus, fingerling potatoes, sauce bernaise

Chicken Kiev

wild rice, roasted beets, pearl onions, braised cabbage, herb butter sauce

Steak Diane

sliced new york steak, potato puree, green beans, button mushrooms, classic diane sauce


Baked Alaska

morello cherry sorbet, toasted pistachio, sauce anglaise

Yes. Yes. Oh, yes.