REMARKABLE Brunch at Recette

There are tons of restaurants in Manhattan, but Recette has been on my radar for quite sometime.  It's the type of restaurant that takes some digging to find because the food truly speaks for itself  it may not be all over your Instagram feed or first on your Google search. But it's definitely worth a hype.

My initial attraction to Recette was sparked when I first moved to New York. I had passed by the restaurant a couple times while walking in the west village and just loved the atmosphere. Because I have a passion for reading menus like a writer enjoys reading novels, I naturally went online and looked up Recette's menu to see what was up. And let me tell you, everything was up. This was like my dream menu #OnFleek. This is because a) I love French food and b) I love tastefully creative culinary combinations. Recette had both. 

While I would love to eat every meal and every dish at Recette, I was most intrigued by the brunch menu, which basically offered every food I would love to eat before I die! So I decided to go for brunch and try as much food as I could fit into my body. And it was great. And now I can officially say Recette is one of my top 10 favorite restaurants in the city.

Here's what my experience looked like.

Berkshire Mary 

...with FRIED PORK BELLY, rock shrimp and olive.

Yas yas yaSssS!!! Creative bloody Mary garnishes really get me going.

Crispy Shrimp Salad

Rock shrimp tempura, arugula, hazelnut, kumquats and lemon vinaigrette

Zesty, crispy and fresh. There are so many tasty elements to this salad and it's still light and not overpowering. I also learned that kumquats + shrimp tempura = genius. 

Country Fried Sweetbread Sandwich

SWEETBREADS, lemon herb aioli, fried egg AND arugula 

Obviously, sweetbreads are an acquired taste. If you're wondering what they are, I'm just going to simply spell it out for you so you aren't kidding yourself with thoughts of sugar coated bread. 

Sweetbreads are an organ meat from the thymus gland or pancreas of an animal. These sweetbreads were from a cow. This sandwich was awesome. The sweetbreads were perfectly cooked and the lightly crisp, yet firm texture paired wonderfully with the smooth lemon aioli, runny yolk, arugula and toasted bread.

Duck Confit Cornbread


This flavor combo is just insane. Magical, even. The rich duck with the soft buttermilk cornbread and spicy-sweet sriracha jam literally made me gasp for air and then inhale another bite. Of course, it's topped with a sexy egg for Insta #yolkporn. Here are 3 different photos to give you an all encompassing experience of this dish. 

 Chopped up rrullll nice.

Chopped up rrullll nice.

PB&J Brioche French Toast

PB&J "PAIN PERDUE" WITH earl grey milk jam AND berries 

God BLESS whoever came up with this idea. Literally a fluffy cloud filled with childhood dreams and a touch of early grey milk jam. SO creative and truly mind-blowing.







Recette brunch for the win.