Epic Unlimited Brunch at Epstein's Bar

Epstein's bar is an ideal brunch joint for financially unstable daytime partygoers. That's why I find myself there almost every weekend come spring! The brunch deal at this place feels too good to be true, charging $15 for unlimited mimosas/bloodies and a brunch dish....but I can promise you it is not too good to be true and it is a real brunch deal for real people like me (and probably you, unless you don't like to have large amounts of fun with your friends during the day on weekends). 

If you're looking for knockout brunch food and extremely classy people, Epstein's is not for you. But if you're looking to drink jumbo mimosas out of Stella glasses and celebrate the day with a bunch of high-spirited (AKA drunk) Lower East Siders, this is the place with all the good vibes.

Here are some photos of what you will encounter at Epstein's Bar.

Mimosas the size of your head

"Hangover Helper" Burger

It's just a bacon cheeseburger with an egg, but it gives hope to the hopelessly hung.

Bacon cheeseburgers 


I like banana pancakes with extra butter. They look basic but they get the job done. Just remember....$15 brunch deal.

Breakfast burrito

Eggs and bacon


Festive t-shirts

It's always a great time.