Rethinking Schnitzel at Schnitz

When I used to think of schnitzel, I pictured a thin, breaded veal cutlet being handed to me by a German bar maiden. Don't know why, but that's just a very stereotypical vision I had of schnitzel. Truth is, whenever I've encountered schnitzel on a menu (which is a rare occasion) it's never really been my first choice because I didn't know much about it.

Then I went to Schnitz (a schnitzel specialty shop in the east village) where I ate almost everything and learned that schnitzel is not just veal. Schnitzel is essentially anything that is pounded thinly and coated in bread crumbs. Okay, yum.

Schnitz is a very original concept. It's all schnitzel, all the time (with the exception of fresh locally sourced salads and some cool sides). The idea is that schnitzel shouldn't be holed up into this one German-influenced vision like I had before -- they don't even have a veal schnitzel on their menu − but that it can be used for so many other delicious reasons that may have never crossed our these things below:

Caesar Schnitz

Chicken schnitzel topped with black kale caesar salad, a fried egg and grans padano. Seriously good for a hangover.

Schnitzel and Waffles (only on the SECRET MENU! you're welcome)

Chicken schnitzel and pecan waffles with smoked pickles, chipotle bbq sauce, coleslaw and maple syrup...

"Banananutella" Schnitz

Banana fried in walnut batter, coated in pretzel crumbs and topped with Nutella, strawberries and a sweet little mint leaf on a pretzel slider...this should be illegal but it's not thank God.

While these are the three schnitzel dishes I tried (I'm only one person and can only eat so much in one sitting, guys) I must point out two things before I show you a picture of some fries. First of all, Schnitz coats their dishes in pretzel crumbs instead of traditional bread crumbs, which I think is flavor-enhancing and marvelous. Secondly, if I were to go back I would definitely want to try "The Yonz" with butternut squash and corn schnitzel topped with jicama-fennel slaw and honey-sriracha mayo. It just sounds interesting. I would also want to try the "Grumpy Russian" with pork loin schnitzel topped with Schnitz Greens, pickled cherries and gorgonzola spread because reading it on their menu made me drool on my shirt.

Ok, now here's a picture of some fries with a side of mayo-based herb sauce.

I hope this educated you a little bit on why schnitzel is fun and should not be underestimated as a fried food.