8 Comfort Food Deliveries To Make Any Situation Better

This post was originally published on the Caviar blog.

Whoever made up the saying that the best gifts in life are free didn’t factor in the gift of comfort food delivery. Usually occurring on the weekends, comfort food deliveries are meant for the times in your life when you are tired, hungry, feeling lazy, or need a good pick me up. And they are worth every penny and calorie. Seriously, please tell me what’s better than putting on your cozy clothes, moving absolutely no muscles except for your mouth, and eating whatever your heart desires? Besides doing all of that in bed with a shirtless Ryan Gosling, I don’t think anything is better.

If you are a normal person, chances are you get tired sometimes. Being tired may not be the best, but staying in and relaxing with a nice meal after a busy day is definitely one of my favorite activities around. Now that I’m a foodie in residence for Caviar, I can proudly say that I’ve mastered the art of ordering various forms of comfort food delivery. Here is a roundup of the best Caviar comfort foods for any situation.

Hangover Helper

Breakfast Sandwich, Mile End Deli

I mean…of course you’re going to want perfectly cooked bacon, eggs, and melted cheddar cheese on freshly toasted rye bread to cure you from all that tequila. Trust me from experience.

Netflix and Chinese Night

Dandan Noodles & Wontons in Chili Oil, Han Dynasty

Netflix and Chinese food paired together is like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – a dangerously perfect combination. While you could go for the sesame chicken from your local Chinese restaurant (how much more basic could you be, though?), Han Dynasty’s spicy Sichuan dishes are a much more exciting option to accompany you through your movie marathon. I opted for the dandan noodles served in a spicy sauce with minced pork and scallions with a side of wontons in chili oil while watching Parenthood. I still don’t know if I was crying because of my emotional connection to every character in the show, or if it was because I was so emotionally attached to the food on my plate that would soon be gone. I will never know.


Brunch in Bed

Cheddar Buckwheat Waffles, Root & Bone

There is no better decision than ordering these babies to your bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Sweet, savory, and soft – these buckwheat waffles with melted cheddar, chives and whiskey maple syrup have everything you may ever need.

You Just Want Cheese

Anything with Cheese, Beecher’s Cheese

While Easy Mac is a simple solution, I must admit the pork belly mac from Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is a bit more satisfactory. They also have a crab remoulade mac n’ cheese and a curried cauliflower mac n’ cheese that I’m dying to try next time I’m in the cheese mood (which is at least 3 times a week, so stay tuned).


BBQ Just Because

Brisket, Mighty Quinn’s

Just how ordering anything with cheese from Beecher’s cheese will be satisfactory, ordering anything BBQ from Mighty Quinn’s will too. However, if you really have to pick, their classic brisket (naked or on a bun) can satisfy any BBQ craving. If you want a side, go with the sweet potato casserole or sweet corn fritters. I promise you will be the happiest camper that ever camped out with delivery in a living room.

Kickin’ It With Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken (duh), Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

I don’t really have anything else to say besides there’s nothing more comforting than fried chicken, and the seasoning on Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken is enchanting and addictive.

Watching the Game

Butterfly Patty Melt, Butterfly

Pizza is great for late-night drunk eats, but what is better during/after a day of drinking than a nice burger. This dry-aged beef patty melt with caramelized onions, Gruyere and American cheese on caraway rye bread is the perfect sandwich to enjoy on the couch with a beer. Stack it on fries for a dramatic effect. Eat it for a dramatic reaction.

Owning It At The Office

Anything on the Menu, Black Seed Bagels

Sometimes work happens. Yes, it is an unfortunate occurrence to have a tired day at the office, but have no fear because bagels exist. While eating bagels in your work clothes at your desk isn’t as satisfactory as wearing your jammies and eating in bed, I promise a Black Seed bagel will perk up your day.

Black Seed bagels are known for their unbeatable old-fashioned, wood oven-baked Montreal style bagels, their smoked fish, and variety of spreads. If you’re in the mood for the classic bagel and lox, go for the #1 with smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, tomato and capers. If you want to be exotic but still want a bit of classic, the #2 with beet cured salmon, cream cheese, radish and herbs is a delectable choice with a nice kick. If you’re feeling adventurous, the #3 tobiko spread, salmon and butter lettuce is the way to go. I ordered this bad boy on an everything bagel, but I feel it would also taste great on a sesame. This is an important decision that is completely up to you.