7 Foods to Try this Fall at Madison Square Eats

Madison Square Eats is back and bikini season is over (thank god). Now we can all get back to our fattening lives and prep our stomachs for the holiday season. First stop? Madison Square Eats. Here are some foods to try this fall:

Pro tip: wear gym clothes to make yourself feel better or wear baggy clothes to hide your food baby bump

Takumi Taco

Spicy Tuna taco

For the warmer days of fall, this refreshing, zesty and crunchy snack can take your tastebuds back to the summertime.

Short rib taco

For the cooler days, this rich braised beef taco is warm, satisfying and intense in the best way possible.

Seoul Lee BBQ

Mighty Korean chicken wings

Sweet, savory, melt in your mouth Korean chicken wings. (Not an ideal first date food).

Roberta's Pizza (duh)

You can't really lose.



The "Sidney"

If you're feeling adventurous and like hot dogs.

Macaron Parlour

Cheeto macaron

Don't let the Cheeto part scare you away. This is a deadly delicious combo.

Melt Bakery

Malted chocolate rum ice cream sandwich

Chocolate crackle cookies. Mild rum spice. This rich frozen dessert is perfect for the fall.