WATCH: How to Eat Fried Dough, Pork Buns, Chicken's Feet ...and More in One Sitting

It's called dim sum. The holy grail for financially unstable binge eaters who like Chinese food. And this is how it's done.

What I learned from this experience:

Don't order a personal plate of fried dough.

It's much better to share with a table of gluten-eaters. Unless you can down a personal noodle encased funnel cake by yourself.


Even in New York, Cantonese pork buns still taste like fluffy pillows filled with baby angels and fairy dust.

Except the dough at Nom Wah was a bit thicker and less "cloud-like" than what I experienced in Hong Kong.

I will never understand how to eat chicken's feet.

There are just too many ligaments and bones that get stuck in your teeth. I don't think I actually swallowed any meat.

Be careful when handling soup dumplings.

Do not PUNCTURE the DUMPLING or you lose the SOUP!

Spare ribs might actually be just that: spare bones.

Once again, where in God's name is the meat on these things?

 Sesame balls are legit.

Kind of like a warm, gooey mochi ball doughnut.

Do not plan any physical activity after dim sum. There is a 90% chance you will feel lethargic and spend the rest of your day in a horizontal position.