One Girl, Two Bagels: Discovering Birthday Cake Cream Cheese at Tompkins Square Bagels

The other day, I want to Tompkins Square Bagels with my friend who also happens to be a food blogger, except unlike me, she's gluten free. We're basically the gluten-free and the glutton. Our mission is to find restaurants this summer that cater to both of our tastes and share them with you on our new YouTube Channel: Table Manners. (You should totally follow us!) Okay, shameless self promotion is now over.

Our first adventure was to find a bagel shop in Manhattan with good gluten-free and regular bagels. Black Seed Bagels (trust me you've seen it on your Instagram feed) is unreasonably trendy right now, but you have to order the gluten-free bagels in advance, and we just couldn't wait that long to embark on our bagel adventure. So we decided on Tompkins Square Bagels, probably the next best thing with a gluten-free bagel selection.

And this is what happened.

I will never forget the time I took on two bagels and two exotic cream cheeses that probably shouldn't be consumed in the same day (let alone the same hour). I walked away from this experience with clear eyes, a full heart and probably bigger thighs.

The birthday cake cream cheese was not too sweet and I was blown away by this combo. Maybe the fun colors added some unnecessary excitement, but this bagel definitely looked and tasted magical.

The peanut butter cream cheese, on the other hand, was not as great. Even though I ate almost the whole bagel, I found myself actually scooping off the cream cheese, and for those that know me that is very, very rare. It had a strange after taste and was almost too rich for my liking. Once again, that is very, very rare.

But, I must say the bagels themselves had a good texture. Sometimes it's hard for a toasted bagel to maintain that gooey, dough-like consistency but they definitely both had that delicious give.