Getting Crunk with Cap'n Crunch Chicken Nuggets

There's no denying that chicken nuggets are awesome. There's also no denying that Cap'n Crunch cereal is awesome. So, needless to say when I went to the Nugget Spot in the east village to eat Cap'n Crunch encrusted chicken nuggets, it was pretty damn awesome.

The Nugget Spot is one of the many restaurants in Manhattan seeking to reinvent fried chicken. However, it is the only eatery solely focused on the art of the nugget. They not only serve a variety of chicken nuggets such as the "Cheez Louise" nuggets with cheese cracker crust and O.G. Ranch, the "Noodler" with catfish, puffed rice, old bay crust and a savory "Shhh Sauce," or the "Mozzeralla Nuggs" with house blended Italian breadcrumbs and spicy tomato sauce. But they also have nugget-like (basically finger food) desserts and "Snuggets," which are chicken biscuit sandwiches. While these all sound amazing, what really snagged my attention (like I said earlier) was the fact that they served Cap'n Crunch encrusted nuggets.

So I ate the Cap'n Crunk nuggets and they were basically everything I look for in a potential boyfriend. Sweet, savory and sexy. Don't worry, I'm half kidding. But while I was at it, I also decided to get some dessert because it was Friday and I had to get down on Friday. This wasn't just any dessert. It was a nugget dessert. It was the CSB. Before you ask wtf is a CSB, please know that this term (I have no idea what it stands for) means deep fried, pretzel coated, chocolate chip cookie dough balls. Yes — deep fried, pretzel coated, chocolate chip cookie dough balls.

  mmm yes hunni

 mmm yes hunni

So I sat down with my Cap'n Crunk nuggets, a side of "Crunk Sauce" (spiced butterscotch dip) and my CSBs and got crunk on Friday.

It was awesome and I felt really good about it.