Celebrating America with a Brontosaurus Rib at Mighty Quinn's

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday for many reasons. Here is a very condensed list.

1) America
2) Bikinis
3) Patriotic outfits
4) Beer
5) Day drinking
6) Sunshine (Hurricane Arthur please spare us this year)
7) Fireworks
8) Burgers
9) Corn on the cob
10) BBQ!!!!!!

Barbecue. It's a classic American food. When you think of barbecue, you probably think of an outdoor party with grass and someone working the grill, producing smoky fumes that make you salivate. We very much lack private grassy spaces in Manhattan, but this does not mean that we lack good barbecue. To satisfy my American needs, I ended up at Mighty Quinn's with a "brontosaurus rib." This is what happened.