A Hot Chocolate a Day Makes February the Best Month Ever

February. It’s the month where couples display their love in chocolates and flowers and singles to want to drown in something.

Well this month, I will be drowning myself in something. Not a bathtub full of my own teardrops and rose petals, but instead something much more lethal: hot chocolate. Luckily for every person in New York (let’s face it we’re all basically single or coldhearted) the City Bakery marks February the month for its annual Hot Chocolate Festival. During this great month-long event, the store debuts a different flavor of rich, creamy hot cocoa every day until the calendar marks 28. Some of these flavors are obvious such as banana peel hot chocolate or caramel. Others are more exotic and enticing such as Love Potion hot chocolate (conveniently served on Valentines Day), “Happy” hot chocolate (conveniently served the day after Valentines day) or Sunken Treasure hot chocolate, which just sounds cool and mysterious with a pot of gold.

For those of you who have never heard of or tried the City Bakery’s hot chocolate, you must – unless you are allergic to chocolate, dairy or all things made in heaven. This hot chocolate is so rich and spectacular that the recipe for this stuff has become one of New York’s most coveted secrets. And that marshmallow. I could spend every night sleeping on that homemade marshmallow that sits on top of that brunette sea of magic.

Thus far I have only tried the lemon and the original, but no matter what flavor, this stuff is beautiful.

Oh yeah

Happy February!