7 Standout Summer Treats from Broadway Bites 2014

It's summer and Broadway Bites is back. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Broadway Bites, it's a seasonal Urban Space  pop-up market in Greeley Square with a variety of vendors serving everything from ice cream sandwiches to empanadas. But while many people may head over to these pop-up markets to try some of Urban Space's loyal, famous vendors such as Roberta'sRed Hook Lobster PoundMayhem & Stout, or Melt Bakery, there are some hidden gems out there this summer that you should not overlook. I went on a mission to discover this year's best summer treats and surprising standout snacks.

Best Summer Snack

Sweet Corn, Carnaval

Summer = the season of corn on the cob. Considering sweet corn is trendy in the food world right now and corn is the hottest veggie in the summer time, this sweet corn with garlic aioli and cheese crumble makes for the perfect summer treat. It's easy to eat on a stick and not too rich or filling.

Best "Bikini Body Friendly" Lunch

Summer Rolls and Noodle Salad, Two Tablespoons

Two Tablespoons offers vegetarian and gluten-free choices made on the spot with fresh ingredients. The summer roll and noodle salad combo is a great deal and makes for a light, healthy lunch – perfect for that bikini bod.

Most Refreshing Beverage

Passion Fruit Bubble Tea, Hong Kong Street Cart

Hong Kong Street Cart has rich Asian street food, but they also have refreshing bubble tea that is perfect for a hot summer day.

Best Tacos

Brooklyn Taco

While there are Korean tacos at Seoul Lee BBQ and Indian-fusion tacos at Chutney, Brookyln Taco's classic yet original selection of Mexican tacos is suitable for almost anyone. The Chilorio brisket taco has a unique twist with the rich brisket and some zesty pineapple salsa and the "Guaco Taco" is a light, vegetarian choice with a pop of sweet corn and some spicy habanero sauce.

Most Underrated Newcomer

Arepas, Palenque

One of the new vendors this summer, Palenque serves authentic Colombian arepas. If you're an avid carnivore, the toro arepa (pictured above) is  cooked right on the spot, slapped onto a corn arepa and topped with Oaxaca cheese, arugula, chipotle mayo and cilantro salsa. Palenque serves anything from traditional Oaxaca cheese arepas to a vegan arepa with seitan or portobello and hogao (a Colombian criollo sauce). Each one is served with arugula, chipotle mayo and cilantro salsa.

The Ultimate Hidden Gem (and Most Underrated Ice Cream Treat)

Care Bear Stare, Macaron Parlour

acaron Parlour is a popular vendor at Urban Space popup markets, but one of their most delicious and beautiful treats has been completely overlooked. This mystical, magical, beautiful sweet treat shown above is the Care Bear Stare ice cream sandwich. It is a simple ice cream sandwich with salted caramel ice cream smacked between two giant, swirly pastel colored almond macaron rounds. The Care Bear Stare gives Melt Bakery a run for its money and you should definitely put it on your food bucket list this summer.