5 Best Cheesy Dishes to Order for Delivery


To be the happiest person I can be, I try to incorporate the four main food groups into my diet: healthy foods, Chinese delivery, dessert and cheese. Out of those four, I would say cheese makes me the happiest. This could be because cheese is scientifically proven to raise dopamine levels, or it could just be because I love it so dearly. The one issue with incorporating cheese into my diet is finding the time to sit down and really enjoy it to be the happiest I can be. Luckily, while working as the Foodie in Residence for Caviar delivery service, I was able to have different kinds of cheese dishes delivered to my workspace and try anything from a classic Italian cheesy pasta to a Korean fusion cheesesteak in the comfort of my own office chair. Here’s my roundup of Caviar’s best cheesy bites.  

House-Made Gnocchi Marinara & Fresh Ricotta, Frankie’s Spuntino 570

This was some of the best gnocchi I’ve had in a while. The pasta melted in my mouth, the sauce was fresh and Frankie (whoever he may be) was super generous with his ricotta serving. He should be praised for this dish.  

Buffalo Cheese Curds, Murray’s Cheese Bar

 Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds tossed in hot sauce and served with Black river blue cheese dressing and celery sticks…. Do I need to say anything else?

Brielle, Meltkraft Manhattan

I vowed to my Instagram followers that I would name my first daughter Brielle after this grilled cheese with Brie, cranberry chutney, caramelized onions, and pine nuts on brioche. That’s how I felt about this sandwich.

Prosciutto Di Parma Pizze, Motorino 12th Street

You can’t really go wrong with Motorino, but this pie with prosciutto, pecorino, oregnao, olive oil and sea salt is my favorite. Not too heavy, but loaded with flavor.

Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger Mac, S’MAC

If you’re looking for mac n’ cheese that does not disappoint, S’MAC is the way to go. I always love the cheeseburger mac, but sometimes I like to go a little cray cray and make my own concoctions with some mix ins. This here, is what I call the “Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger MacaDamnThatsTastyRoni.” It’s basically cheeseburger mac with the addition of bacon, pepper jack cheese and scallions. All in all, this has ground beef, bacon, scallions, American cheese, cheddar, pepper jack, breadcrumbs and a hint of ketchup. Yep.