Goa Taco is Where You Will Find Your Soul in Massive Flaky Croissant Tacos

If there's one day that matters to me most, it's Taco Tuesday. This is something I've known for a while, but it really hit me when I caught myself googling "craziest tacos in NYC" on a Monday evening, just waiting to find the perfect Taco Tuesday treat. (I'm so lame it actually pains me).

During my lame Google search, I stumbled upon a taco joint that is so not lame and actually so revolutionary. It's called goa taco (yes lower case because it's the cool thing to do) and it is a tiny taco joint in the LES with paratha tacos. What are paratha tacos you ask? 

 "a paratha taco
the buttery, flaky lovechild
of the tortilla and the croissant, filled with all the delicious things
from everywhere." 


So then it was Tuesday and 4 tacos happened. At goa taco, they are very kind to point out that 1 taco is actually 2 tacos in weight :) (Love hearing that!!!)  Before I get to my edible photo roundup, I would like to thank my friend Chelsea for helping me eat these and the genius Duvaldi, the brains behind this groundbreaking establishment. 

The Art of the Paratha Taco

Pork Belly

slow roasted pork belly, pickled red cabbage, chipotle mayo

Lamb Shoulder

recado rojo lamb shoulder, tzatzki, egg plant salsa 


Paneer Cheese

paneer cheese, spinach pesto, garam masala fried chick pea, pickled tomatillo

Five-Spice Duck Confit

Five-spice duck confit, sesame, soy, hot mustard, cucumber, radish

....and then there was this SWEET TREAT, WHICH MAY NOT LOOK LIKE MUCH BUT LET ME TELL YOU. This little chocolate nub will have you on the FLOOR.

The Sweet Treat

chocolate hazelnut mascarpone churro

It's not kidding.

It's places like goa taco that make my job so exciting. I absolutely love to find creative foods, I love fun combinations and cultural fusions. These paratha tacos combine all of these elements in a flaky, doughy flavorful taco. Each menu item is unique to itself and very well executed, and to make matters more fun they are served in big pockets that could possibly be reworn as hats.