OddFellows' Ice Cream Sandwiches Will Blow Your Mind

It's no secret that I love ice cream sandwiches. Very, very, very much.  While it's my mission to "discover a new taste" all over the city, I must admit, I spend most of that time looking for new, cool ice cream concoctions. And when I do this, I usually end up at OddFellows.

OddFellows is one of those places that truly makes ice cream an art. They have an extensive list of unique homemade ice cream flavors (think burnt honey rosemary and black pepper strawberry) and they are always inventing original creations like their new ice cream sandwiches. If you're thinking "ice cream sandwich" and you're picturing 2 chocolate rectangular wafers stuffed with vanilla ice cream, get that image out of your head. OddFellows puts that and any other ice cream sandwich to shame. Their menu consists of gourmet, melty brioche ice cream "odd pockets," signature s'mores and classic sandwiches and the option to make your own with their homemade cookies and toppings. Of course, the minute I found out about this new ice cream sandwich menu, I went into the East Village shop to taste some. By some, I mean 6. By 6, I mean you should never ever eat that many ice cream sandwiches in one sitting because you may fall unconscious. Luckily, I didn't.

Signature Sandwiches


Smoked marshmallow ice cream, marshmallow sauce, graham soil and chocolate 

The Classic

Vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate wafer, salted caramel and hazelnut


Brioche "Odd Pockets"

There are four brioche sandwiches on the menu. The ones I did not try are the cornbread sandwich with cornbread ice cream, cornflake crunch and blueberry compote and the maple bacon sandwich with bacon ice cream, candied pecans and spiced maple syrup. I tried the brown butter sage and the chocolate chunk, as you shall see below.

Brown Butter Sage

Brown butter sage ice cream, spicy almonds and honey

Chocolate Chunk

Chocolate chunk ice cream, coffee krispies and hot fudge 

Custom Creations

Spiced Pecan Pie Ginger Cookie Sandwich

Pecan pie ice cream, spiced ginger cookies, pecans and salted caramel

MY FAVORITE. Available as Skyler's Spiced Ginger Special from 10/19-10/23. ORDER IT.

Chocolate Pretzel Cornflake Crunchie Sandwich

Milk chocolate pretzel peanut butter ice cream, chocolate cookies and cornflake crunch