Work for Dining with Skyler

While I would love to chill and eat with all of you (and we will most certainly eat and chill a lot) please know that these internships require eating and work. I interned a lot in college and rarely ever got to do real hands on work. So if you're looking to grab coffee, organize files in a file cabinet and browse Facebook this isn't for you. But if you want to really get involved and help me build this brand and be treated like a team member/eating companion/friend, this is the right internship for you. I promise you will learn a lot about how to turn a blog into a business, create a brand and work in all areas of the food/entertainment industry. You will also eat a lot of tacos and baked goods from various locations.

Internships for academic credit and free food only.



Please e-mail with your resume, days available, cover letter and links to all social media accounts. Please answer the following:

List 3 brands you could see Skyler partnering with and why.

Draft a rough outline for a social media campaign with one of those brands. (Let's say the campaign has to do with either Halloween, fall flavors, or Thanksgiving and incorporates a certain number of Instagram posts and blog posts. Use your imagination, be creative! I won't judge you, I promise. And if you think I will, you can judge me for buying 5 boxes of Pop-Tarts just now).


  • Researching and making lists of different brands to partner with 
  • Brand outreach e-mails
  • Working with Skyler to plan sponsored content and social media campaigns
  • Assisting Skyler with brand integration presentations
  • Tracking engagement of social media partnerships


  • Must be available at least 1 1/2 days a week (If you have random time slots available, I am open to making that work too)
  • Must have marketing and/or advertising experience
  • Major in business, marketing or communications (if you have a major kind of like this but called something different, please note that in your e-mail)
  • Must have an interest in social media influencer advertising and brand partnerships
  • Must have experience with social media campaign work
    • If you have any examples, feel free to send a portfolio
  • Business experience is a plus!


Photography Intern

This is not your average internship, it's more of a freelance photographer job with the perks of  filling empty holes in your schedule with food events, free meals, and meeting up with Skyler for food adventures.

Please e-mail with your resume, days/time slots available, when you're available to start working, cover letter, photography portfolio, and links to all social media accounts. Please answer the following:

What makes a good food photo? Attach a photo you have taken that you think best demonstrates your photo style..

Do you have any eating restrictions? 

I know getting free food to take photos is awesome, but why do you actually want to do this?

If you were in a dimly candle-lit room eating dinner and had to take a beautiful photo of your steak/cake/hopefully not salad, how would you best light it and get the best photo possible?


  • Attend restaurant tastings or events for Skyler to take photos
  • Attend tastings or events with Skyler to help document the experience
  • Random photo assignments (ie: I may need you to go to Central Park with me to take a photo for a project I'm working on. I will buy you a doughnut if this is your assignment.)
  • Recipe photoshoot assistance


  • Must have a DSLR and at least iPhone 5s
  • Must know how to use Dropbox or iCloud
  • Must know how to take a great food photo and style food 


Web Developer Intern

Please e-mail with your resume, days/time slots available, when you're available to start working, cover letter and links to your website and social media accounts. Please answer the following:

What would you do optimize traffic on the Dining with Skyler website? Why?


  • Working on Dining with Skyler website SEO
  • Assisting Skyler with @NYCDINING Guide Project
  • Managing and updating Pinterest, Tastespotting and Yummly
  • Brainstorming with Skyler on ways to increase web presence 


  • Must know SEO
  • Must understand Squarespace
  • Must have basic HTML skills
  • Must be available at least 1 day a week