Brasilia Blueberry Muffin Smoothie Bowl

There's nothing I love more than finding a healthy food to substitute my outrageously unhealthy cravings. This blueberry muffin smoothie bowl is one of those creations! Instead of knocking back a sugar-filled blueberry carb ball for breakfast, slurp down this smoothie bowl and feel super good about yourself!

Total time: 7 minutes


  • ¾ cup blueberries
  • ¼ cup almond butter
  • ½ cup Brasilia Blueberry Bai5
  • 1 tbsp coconut manna or coconut butter
  • ½ cup coconut milk (vanilla flavored or plain)
  • 1-2 tbsp hemp seeds, raw-shelled
  • 1 tbsp oats 


1. Combine blueberries, almond butter, Bai5, coconut manna (or coconut butter), and coconut milk in blender. 

2. Blend until smooth and pour into a bowl.

3. Top with hemp seeds, oats and some extra blueberries.