Gluten-free Avocado Toast Pizza


Being gluten-free and avocado toast are both super trendy right now. And pizza is always trendy because it's pizza and everyone loves it. I am not gluten-free, but I do love avocado toast, pizza, and challenging myself to make new recipes, so I decided to make gluten-free avocado toast pizza. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. You can eat this for breakfast, lunch or dinner and basically do whatever you want with it.


1 cup raw oats 1/8 cup water salt and pepper to taste 1-2 eggs (1 for crust and another for on top if you want one) 1 avocado cocktail tomatoes bacon (optional) lime (optional) olive oil (optional) whatever else you want on your toast


1) Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2) Pour 1 cup of oats into a blender or food processor or magic bullet (don't hate on the magic bullet, it's awesome). Grind the oats together until it has a flour-like consistency.


3) Pour the oat flour into a bowl, crack an egg, add 1/8 cup of water and salt and pepper to taste.

4) Mix until it has a dough like consistency.


5) Get a baking pan and spray with non-stick spray or olive oil. Take a spoon and spray it with non-stick spray or olive oil.

6) Put the dough onto the baking pan and start making a pizza slice shape or whatever shape you really want. Put oil on your hands if you want to use your hands so the dough doesn't stick to your hands.


7) Once the oven is heated and your dough is ready, put in the oven for 12 minutes.

8) While the crust is baking, take your avocado and mash it in a bowl and add salt. You can also mix it with olive oil, a hint of lime juice and pepper if you want something a bit more zesty.


9) Take however many cocktail tomatoes you want and cut into slices.


Your crust might be done by now, if so take it out of the oven and let it sit.


10) Make your bacon whichever way you prefer. I cook my bacon in a frying pan but here is a list of methods.

11) Fry your egg if you want an egg.

12) Once all of the ingredients are ready, take your dough, spread the mashed avocado as if it were sauce.

13) Top with whatever you want.

add an egg if you want

14) Eat.