DIY or Delivery: The "Buffalo Chicken" Everything Bagel You Need to Try

the original buff chick bagel

A few weeks ago I was laying in bed on a Saturday trying to beat my hangover, so I naturally turned to Seamless. I browsed the restaurants in the area for about 45 minutes (seriously, ordering Seamless is such a commitment, it's so hard to pick) and settled on a buffalo chicken sandwich on an everything bagel from Hot & Crusty. 30 minutes later, there was a knock on my door and the bagel had arrived. It looked beautiful and delicious so of course I took a photo and Instagrammed it.

Because this combination hasn't really been done before, everyone freaked out and wanted to know where I got it. But I kind of felt bad because a) this bagel wasn't the best quality b) I felt like a gross whale after eating it (it was probably because of my hangover) and c) people who don't live in New York couldn't order it on Seamless. The bagel was great, don't get me wrong, but I decided to make a healthier version with just as much (if not more) flavor so everyone could indulge in this wonderful sandwich.

So I came up with the buffalo turkey burger on an everything bagel thin. I chose to use a bagel thin because that automatically cuts like 150 calories and I used a lean turkey burger because it's a healthier alternative to beef and I could stuff it with blue cheese. Mmmm yea baby. Cheese stuffed burgers always intimidated me because they seem so complicated to make, but this was actually super easy and I think you should do it because it tastes awesome.


Extra lean ground turkey Buffalo wing sauce (or the ingredients to make your own, I went the easy way and just bought some) Blue cheese Everything bagels or bagel thins (if you can't find bagel thins, just get everything bagels and cut off a layer to make them thin)


1) Take the desired amount of extra lean ground turkey and mold it into a ball. 2) Put it down and create a small pool in the middle to put the cheese inside.


3) Put the blue cheese inside and fold the top to cover the cheese. 4) Mold it into a ball and make sure the cheese is fully inside the burger. 5) Put non-stick spray on a skillet and place the burger onto the skillet. 6) Put your everything bagel thins in the toaster as you cook your burger. 7) Flip the burger every 2 minutes until it is full cooked (I did about 4 times on each side, but it could vary). 8) Once the burger is done, smother it in buffalo wing sauce and also cover both sides of your bagel in buffalo wing sauce. 9) Pop that juicy baby onto the everything bagel and feel proud of yourself. 10) Cut it in half and get turned on by the cheese dripping out.


11) Take a picture if you want to brag to your friends and make them jealous. 12) Eat.