I Ate Pride for Breakfast


There's no better breakfast than the rainbow. And pancakes. So I decided to eat both. Of course I've seen rainbow pancakes all over Pinterest and what not, but nothing is as good as being able to actually put the rainbow into your mouth, am I right or am I right? I'm right. Now it's the final day of pride week, and what better time to make rainbow pancakes than pride week? The answer is there is no better time.

But I decided to make it a little more than just ROYGBV. I decided to make PRIDE.

Formula for Pride cakes:

red pancake + pink pancake + orange pancake + yellow pancake + lime green pancake + green pancake + turquoise pancake + blue pancake + purple pancake + white chocolate chips + whipped cream + rainbow sprinkles + syrup = PRIDE CAKES


I would write a recipe or whatever, but honestly I just gave you an equation, which is very simple to understand. That being said, I made this pride cooking extravaganza as easy as possible with the help of my beloved Aunt Jemima. She's the sweetest. I hopped out of bed, went to Food Emporium (ugh, so overpriced but I had no other choice) and I bought the "just add water" pancake mix (easiest, cheapest way possible), regular and neon food coloring and white chocolate chips to make the pancakes extra delicious and prideful.

It literally took me an hour to make these beauties. But they were so worth it and I love each and everyone one just the way they are. All 9 of them.


While it took me forever to make these, they actually stayed warm because every time I added a warm pancake to the stack, the heat would keep the rest warm. You can't see the white chocolate chips in that picture, but they're in there.

Add some whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and syrup ....


Cut a massive bite....


Pride porn:


Taste the rainbow. Eat pride cakes.